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Transcript Request Form Complete this form with all applicable information. Students who are current with their financial obligation to the school may at any time obtain an official transcript by completing this form. Students who are not current with their financial obligations may receive an unofficial copy of their transcript. Student signature is required. Fax request to 813-902-6782 Attention Registrar Email request to EUOtranscripts cci. edu Mail Request to 5701 E. Hillsborough Ave....
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Filling out the application does not guarantee your appointment with the office. Please contact the office to let them know you need assistance in getting a transcript issued. Please note, all transcripts issued through this system are valid for one calendar year. All transcripts are available for viewing on-line and are listed in the Registrar's Office and School System Catalogs from each school in the system and also on CCI.
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This is where it all happened Mamie Andrews was an academic dean of Everest University in Largo the last time she set foot on campus but when you're back it's like revisiting the pain injuries weren't for four years for Corinthian College before she quit in late 2011 they sell hope they sell dreams, and they sell promises, and they don't deliver on any of it is been all about money it's never really about the education is just a byproduct the US Department of Education is forcing Corinthian College Everest parent company to sell its Florida campuses as the department continues to investigate allegations of faulty job placement numbers and inflated grades and attendance there have been people who've graduated from Everest University who could not read and who could not write Andrew says recruiters went after anyone who qualified for federal government grants and loans just about anywhere you could recruit a person you went there whether that was a base under a bridge in front of a welfare office she says many of those students ended up saddled with massive amounts of debt I liken it to a noose around their neck Dianne hero completed a paralegal program at Everest but never got her diploma they're horrible I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there ever she contacted the Florida Attorney General's Office to dispute Every claim that she owes them money her complaint was one of 127 received since 2011 which are currently under investigation the company tells the i-team those complaints represent a minuscule portion of their total student population Eileen Ortega also attended a and claims to have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans that she has yet to repay it was the worst decision ever for me this is a school that's getting over a billion dollars a year in federal funding and the government is getting no return on its investment Tampa attorney Jesse Homer's firm represented Andrews in a whistleblower lawsuit against another for-profit college where Andrews used to work several years ago the firm will not say if it plans to file suit against a can put a face to what's actually happened, and we should all care it's all of our money despite the agreement to sell by January the i-team has discovered a vs. still recruiting students and staff it needs to stop no one else needs to be hurt Andrew says you can only pray future students get that message I want the best for the students I want the best for the people that work there I want the best for them and what they're getting is not the best Carinthia tells us their schools offer students a quality education and professional skills that lead to employment in their fields of study to see their full response and additional information about for-profit schools you can go to our website a BC actionnews.com I'm investigator Adam Walter taking action for you
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